Monthly Archives: October 2014

Coming to an end…..

Our Great Escape is coming to an end…..our tour has been magical. From Avignon to Chalon-sur-Saone, we have dined, wined, explored and relaxed.   We go home tomorrow with lovely memories of our adventure.  The question now is….where do I go next?  Watch for more Great Escapes in 2015….IMG_0702

So far……

Bon Jour!   So far our Great Escape has been wonderful…..we spent three days in beautiful Avignon. Our quaint hotel was in the square of the Palais des Papes….a perfect setting. We shopped, drank wine, wandered the narrow streets, sipped cafe au lait and ate local food.

Next we boarded the lovely Viking Buri – a newly built longship anchored in Avignon.  Our journey on the Rhone River has been fantastic so far…..and so much more to come.

I even had time to paint …..