Dinner at Oxley Winery

Our Pelee Cycling Adventure ended with dinner at Oxley Winery….a perfect evening to wrap up an amazing cycling tour!

We arrived in style in a yellow limo!

Mo had a great time!

So did Gail, Vince and Pearl

Oxley Winery welcomed us

A perfect evening to enjoy drinks and dinner al fresco

Marilyn and Elinor


Bob says CHEERS too!

Dear friends

David wore his funky socks

And Vince did too

What was so funny?

Luanne, Kelly and Hertha enjoyed the evening

Maggie served the drinks

Marion celebrated her 90th birthday!

Steve celebrated his birthday too

On the school bus

Bobs and a Robb

Perhaps the back side is the best? You decide

So pretty

The evening ends with a sigh