A Little Gem

The other day I decided to paint a simple watercolour for my granddaughter’s birthday card….I am NO artist but I can do some simple stuff. My grandkids love my work and that is all that matters!  I haven’t touched my paints for quite a while and I pulled out one of my watercolour pads and a beautiful watercolour painting fell out!  Not mine but one painted by a dear friend.  It was painted by Dave Durnford during our tour in Newfoundland a few years ago. Dave knew how much I love The Rock and he gave me that lovely work of art.  I must have put it in the watercolour pad to keep it safe and then promptly forgot about it.  Those who know me know that Newfoundland is my most favourite place in the whole world….really!  On a dreary winter morning I found this little gem…..Thanks Dave…..