Will that be chocolate or partridgeberry?

I scream, you scream , we all scream for ice cream!!!  I am always looking for tasty treats to add into my Great Escapes. I knew we were going to be at the lovely Canvas Cove Bistro in Twillingate for our lunch and I wanted to add in an ice cream cone ! Before the tour started I asked one of the locals about where to get the best ice cream in town….Seaside Variety! Great and it was just a few steps from the Canvas Cove Bistro. I called Woodrow, the owner, and told him I would be buying ice cream for the whole gang. He was quite excited and so was I! 

We had our lunch and then all went down to Seaside Variety for our treat….lo and behold there was no way Woodrow could handle us all so David and I stepped behind the counter and served up over 30 ice cream cones!  All of the ice cream is home made and by far the most popular flavour was PARTRIDGBERRY!  “Woodrow,  we’re out of partridgeberry”  I exclaimed,  and he quickly went and got another batch.   

David and I have now something to add to our resumes….ice cream scoopers!  And guess what, the Seaside Variety is for sale….hmmmm, I am giving it some serious thought! 

She needs a bit of repair but it sits right on the harbour… notice the Christmas decorations are still up

That’s Woodrow

David is working hard

Me too….

Partridgeberry ice cream anyone?