Monthly Archives: March 2014

At least some are cycling now!

Some members of the Cyclopath Cycling Club  are in sunny Florida!  Here they are cycling the Pinellas Trail near the gulf coast. The rest of us will just have to wait until the snow is gone here in Ontario…….and just think, tonight we are suppose to get another dumping!  Good grief….enough already!


Iles de la Madeleine


I love Iles de la Madeleine…..this tiny archipelago in the Gulf of the St Lawrence is such a special Canadian place.  Brightly painted houses, Acadians with a true “joie de vivre,   superb seafood, amazing sandy beaches and the ever present sea…. 

My By Land and Sea 2014 Great Escape this summer is sold out… for another in 2015! 
IMG_4358 IMG_2086 IMG_4193