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Tremblant Cycling Tour August 25th – 28th

Our last cycling tour of 2022 and unfortunately I could not be there due to my hip surgery….the good news is the gang had a great time anyways!  

Having a great time with friends

Always great food in Quebec

Ernie goes for a swim

Latte never tasted better

Susanne, Barb and John played my all time favourite song “Black Velvet Band”

It’s not all about the cycling! Luge here we come!

Wow….now this looks like fun!

Taking it easy

At Labelle

Love the hat Dave

Rainy morning

At least they look happy

Oh dear…a deer

Dave and Sharon

Looks good!

Enjoying the terrace

Ernie found the luggage lost by Air Canada!!!

Lynn is on a roll

A little rain never hurts

Off on the trail in search of ice cream

Hi David and Bob

Barb showed what a true Iron Woman looks like!

New friends….welcome John and Mary

Donalda relaxing after a great day of biking

A few parties happened on the terrace of the Hotel Mont Tremblant

A Great Time on our Summer Cycling Tour around Owen Sound

Not sure who is cuter!

This group followed me!


Trail at Meaford


Going the right way?

This photo includes Judy

We rested for a moment

Photo by Shirley

Some went shopping


Strolling by the bay

Along Lake Huron

Sitting by the shore of Georgian Bay was a touch chilly

New friends

Getting ready

At Lake Huron

Bob and Jeanne

The gang

The “long route” gang

The fast ones

Best burrito hands down at Caesaro’s

Lonely guy

Three foxes!

Peter and Cathie’s first time out with the Cyclopaths

David loves pink lemonade

Just taking a break

This diner is amazing!

Wildlife galore

Sunset over Georgian Bay

Peterborough Ramble…..What a Great Cycling Tour!

At the tunnel on the Hastings Trail

David never pays attention when I review the routes

Reviewing the routes…does anyone ever listen to me??

On the trestle bridge


Approaching Trent University

Along the Trent Canal

Near Lakefield

Dolly and her pink bike

Moira and David….

Social Hour

The hotel setting was great

Dr Bob

On the trail

Peterborough trails are great

On the bridge


Pretty in Pink!

Love this group

And Bobs your Uncle

From the trestle bridge

The Cyclopaths had three great days in Peterborough riding the trails and having fun!  Thanks to Jeanne, Beth, Shirley (and some from me) for these photos