Monthly Archives: May 2017

Cycling in the County

Our ride in the county and Sandbanks Provincial Park was lovely….we dodged the rain and it turned out to be a good ride after all! 

Getting Ready to Ride

Here they come!

There they go….

A colourful group!

Pretty Stop

Into the Woods

Some minor tweaking on Penny’s bike made all the difference in the ride!



Bob and I stopped for a coffee

The Glamorous Side of Planning a Cycling Tour

A few weeks ago David and I drove to Leamington and back in one day (1200 km in total) to do some scouting for the Pelee Cycling Tour this August. We found some great spots for group dinners but this wasn’t one of them…..eating perch and chips from a chip truck at the Kingsville dock! Fish was great but the setting….not so much!

Living the dream