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Pretty Little Georgetown in PEI

Went to a charming small inn in Georgetown for breakfast….Georgetown is a pretty little village near Montague.  They are working hard to attract newcomers ….some business entrepreneurs have moved in and in the evenings the place is packed due to the local playhouse that has nightly entertainment!  If you were on my cycling tour in 2001 , you may remember biking to Georgetown…we watched a tug being built. The ship building is now closed and so is the sawmill but the village is doing just fine. We will bike there on my 2018 cycling tour!

Georgetown Inn

Clamdiggers for dinner

The Maroon Pig…Bakery and Art Gallery!

You too can have one of these for your front lawn

Love this home

The beach in Georgetown

Clamdiggers deck in the early evening

Fun evening at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown

The end of the day

Lobster Lunch

Got to go to the Lobster Shack in Souris for lobster ……told they had the best lobster rolls!   We were not disappointed….fabulous spot overlooking the beach! The sun was shining, the water was glistening and the lobster was delicious!  

Great spot in Souris , PEI

Simple menu….fresh seafood

Great lobster

I think this shirt says it all!

A Day Along the South Shore in Prince Edward Island

We had a great day today touring along the sea shore from Montague to Little Sands…. 

The red cliffs

Ready for fishing

Lighthouse at Panmure Island

The General Store in Murray River

I love hooked mats and I got this one at the General Store

Lunch ….a superb bowl of chowder ….at Harbourview Restaurant in Murray Harbour

Harbourview for lunch

A friendly welcome

Rossignol Winery at Little Sands

The wildlife along the way

Blue skies and white clouds

Sandstone church

Oh that red soil

The end

Moonlight Cottage

Ahhh, Moonlight Cottage is just perfect for our stay in PEI.  I am here with my childhood friend and we couldn’t be happier with the place!


My rental car….. never had such a ride but I do miss my 2006 Yaris Hatchback!

Dinner at Oxley Winery

Our Pelee Cycling Adventure ended with dinner at Oxley Winery….a perfect evening to wrap up an amazing cycling tour!

We arrived in style in a yellow limo!

Mo had a great time!

So did Gail, Vince and Pearl

Oxley Winery welcomed us

A perfect evening to enjoy drinks and dinner al fresco

Marilyn and Elinor


Bob says CHEERS too!

Dear friends

David wore his funky socks

And Vince did too

What was so funny?

Luanne, Kelly and Hertha enjoyed the evening

Maggie served the drinks

Marion celebrated her 90th birthday!

Steve celebrated his birthday too

On the school bus

Bobs and a Robb

Perhaps the back side is the best? You decide

So pretty

The evening ends with a sigh

Stormy Day NO Problem

So we woke up on the Tuesday morning in Leamington….windy and over 70 % chance of rain…..uh oh, PLAN B.   This was the day we were to ride in the Pelee National Park and WE DID!   Rain held off…we walked to the most southern point of mainland Canada and watched the waves crash over the rocks and rode along the trail completely protected by the trees… was exhilarating!!!!

The wind was something else


Oh wow!

On the trail in the park

Hanging On

On the beach listening to the wind

Great group

The trail to the tip