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A Little Gem

The other day I decided to paint a simple watercolour for my granddaughter’s birthday card….I am NO artist but I can do some simple stuff. My grandkids love my work and that is all that matters!  I haven’t touched my paints for quite a while and I pulled out one of my watercolour pads and a beautiful watercolour painting fell out!  Not mine but one painted by a dear friend.  It was painted by Dave Durnford during our tour in Newfoundland a few years ago. Dave knew how much I love The Rock and he gave me that lovely work of art.  I must have put it in the watercolour pad to keep it safe and then promptly forgot about it.  Those who know me know that Newfoundland is my most favourite place in the whole world….really!  On a dreary winter morning I found this little gem…..Thanks Dave…..

First Winter Walk 2019

In the winter some of the cycling club members get together to walk along the waterfront trail in Belleville. It is a great time for a little exercise as well as a chance to get together with friends.  

Some of the gang

Karen and Heather

Ducks galore

Love walking with Al…

Oppps! Either Karen took a tumble or she is making a snow angel

2018 in a few photos

2018 is now over… are a few memories of the year!

Good friends in Prince Edward Island

This guy needs to get a cellphone

Fall in Eastern Townships

Looking for a bite

On the trail near Bloomfield

In Gananoque on the last cycling tour of 2018

Ice cream on a super hot September day

Two of my new friends in Charlottetown

Love this couple!

Nothing but the best facilities for the Cyclopaths

David talks to anyone!

Greenwich National Park…beautiful

David loves to ride his fat bike in the winter

AJ…our horse

Wonderful friends in Port Dover

Ireland….so beautiful!

I love this sign….found it in Ireland

Eastern Townships Cycling Tour

Check out the hat


Betty and Sandy enjoy a treat

Like I said, David will talk to anyone!

Fun pub in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Our castle hotel in Donegal

This guy is great!

He’s a colourful guy


Delicious Lobster in PEI

Guess who?

In Granby

Brie and David

Victoria by the Sea

in Gananoque

Irish pub

Giant’s Causeway

On the water at Signal Brewery



1000 Island Tour

First Fall Walk 2018


First Fall Walk 2018

Look good even from behind

Dessert extraordinaire at Cafe 5 in PEI

In Kinsale , Ireland

Irish coffee…..cheers!

Susanne plays and I pretend

A pre dinner get together in West Brome

Sometimes I feel vintage

Don’t ask

On the Port Dover tour

And we sure eat well on our Great Escapes

Carol at Lago in Port Dover

Saw this somewhere


Oh a hot, hot day in Granby

Yummy….the dessert, not David

The old yellow bike at the farm


Need I say it once more…he talks to anyone

Eastern Townships Tour


He did it….in PEI

So refreshing

One of my favourite summer spots….the screened in porch

At Judy and Jim’s cottage on the 1000 Island Tour

Trying out a motorized bike

The gang in Georgetown PEI

In downtown Warkworth, Northumberland Hills


Hmmmm…..those hats!

Trail riding

Working on maps

The Emerald Isle

Dave takes care of a flat

Great guys

Painted rocks along the waterfront trail

Ain’t that the truth
Happy New Year Everyone Here’s to 2019

Cycling on Le P’tit Train du Nord in 2010….the Tandem Experiment

Back in the summer of 2010 I had organized a cycling tour in Val David , Quebec.  David and I thought it would be a great time to try out a tandem bike so we rented one!  It was fun that day and when we got home we bought one for ourselves….needless to say, I ended up hating the tandem (that’s another story). Take a look at our ride on the trail…click on the link to see the video.MVI_8146

Looking Back Over the Years with the Cyclopaths

November is here and with it some gloomy weather and now with the end of Daylight Saving….the darkness comes earlier.  What better way to brighten up than to look back at some photos from the years past with the Cyclopaths…..I will post more memories over the month of November. 

Remember when?  

Ahhh Johnny! He was there right at the very start of the Cyclopath Cycling Club

After the ride comes food!

Port Stanley Gang

I love this photo…Gene and Kay in Italy

On an early spring ride in Ameliasburg

GT’s on the Beach

Brie and Neil

Barb and Luanne… cream is the reward!

Carol and Will…miss that smile!

Oh I remember this day in Italy… you?

The chef at La Sapiniere made us a cake!

A great trio!

Bob and David

The wine says a lot

Pat and Doreen

This man needs a friend!

The Italy Gang

Sunscreen is a must

Years ago in Provence ….1998

Do you see what I see?

At Batawa Ski Hill

Slurping an oyster in Normandy

A gentleman who we all loved

What a happy group!

A bottle of rose with Bob

Dave….our hero!

Lovely couple

Apple pie and whipped cream in the morning? Why not!

Now that’s a beer!

In the vineyard

Happy Canada Day on Sailing Home

One of my favourite shots

Yes….sometimes it does rain on our parade!

Missing Lois

Canada Day in Germany

On Juneau Beach in Normandy June 6th

We remember….at the Canadian cemetery in Normandy France June 6th



The 2017 Cycling Season Has Come to an End

Hard to believe our 2017 cycling season is over …we had great rides, lots of new members and  old ones too, laughs, good times and can’t wait for 2018 !  

Here are a few memories of our season….thanks to those who shared a few photos! 

Our first ride of the season

A summer’s day

Picnic at Ameilasburg Museum after a lovely ride

My kind of biking…..

Just a few Bobs

On Le P’Tit Train du Nord

In Sandbanks Park

Start of the season….warmer clothes a must

Burgundy France

Bob does the Alps! Biking isn’t the only thing we do!

Countryside views

Checking out the wildlife

Am I lost?

Floyd….new member!

Berry Boy in Dijon….you have to ask Judy about this!

Happy Hour at Auberge Le Vieux Foyer

Penny loves Sandbanks Park

First ride of 2017

Three lovely women in France

Bob and Mary….

Poppies in France

Great new spot in Corbyville

Jack and Bonnie on the last ride

Parson’s Rocks

Patio Time

Some rides include a portage

Even dogs love the Cyclopaths

Dynamic Dave

Nice new path in Wellington

Come From Aways….in the Laurentians

Early in the season on a quiet county road

Beer….the best reward!

Anyone up to cycling on a fat bike? David’s new toy for the winter!

Lunch at Lake on the Mountain

Fun in Pelee

Janice and Steve…two of our CFA’s

At the shore of Lake Erie

One of my better maps!

Guess who?

Love the colours

At Oxley Winery in Harrow celebrating Marion and Steve’s birthdays!

Lovely view

Good friends

He’s got the whole world….in his hands!

Praying for good weather


Are we having fun yet?  Our 2017 cycling season was great! 



Ah…..a sunny fall day in October

On this sunny beautiful day in late October I found myself in the “spring cleaning” mood. Not sure where that mood was in the spring but at least it has finally hit me! 

David was at the boat putting it to “bed” for the winter so I decided to clean the screened porch. After a season of winds and bugs, it gets pretty grimy so I thought I would clean the ceiling and framing before the snow blows!  I got my super duper sprayer along with my Dr Bonner environment friendly soap (recommended by David Suzuki) and I was ready to go. I figured an hour, maybe two at most and all will be done!  Well….after four hours I was still going….and not strong! 

What was I thinking? This was one tough job! 

Living in the country has its joys but there are a few things that can make farm living an absolute hell……bugs!  You see, we screened in our porch a few years ago so we could sit outside and enjoy the country sounds, fresh air with no bugs. It has been one of the best things we have ever did!  I love our porch…. but so do the bugs.  But not just any bug……those dreaded invasive lady bugs. They are not the real lady bugs of my youth….you know the ones. Those ones are bright orange and when they would land on you, you’d make a wish!  These new ones are actually called asian lady bugs but I am not sure if that is politically correct so I will call them the nasty lady bugs and so not to offend “ladies”….I will refer to them as those “nasty” bugs. They even bite. Enough said. So these nasty bugs love the porch too…so much that there are literally hundreds of them in the porch right now.  YUCK!  



Don’t get me wrong ….I do not hate all bugs. I am careful to never kill spiders, I can watch a bumble bee work on a flower and marvel at its beauty, I get excited at the sight of a walking stick or praying mantis and dragonflies make me smile but  I hate….no, I despise mosquitoes, black flies, wasps and hornets, cluster flies and those NASTY invasive bugs! 

After I had cleaned half the porch David returned home and said he’d be happy to clean the rest!  He didn’t look happy but I have to take his word for it. Next we put up a contraption I bought at Lee Valley….an asian lady bug buster! Made in Collingwood! I sure hope it does the trick. 



After the porch was finished, David rushed on to the next job…..I decided, after hearing our neighbours say they had their septic tank pumped, that we should have ours done too! After all, it has been about 7 years since the last pump out.  Before the septic service company comes to do the dirty work,  David has to dig down to the lid….he did this chore with a smile! 



































Me….I decided I deserved a treat so I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream (Reid’s Dairy of course) with butterscotch sauce.  It was delicious. I guess you could say that asian lady bugs can cause weight gain! 





David is now cutting the grass hoping to get it done before the sun sets. Me….I am sitting in the porch enjoying the last few hours of sunshine watching those damn nasty bugs go everywhere but into the bug buster!  

So there you go….our lovely fall day in October!