Pretty Little Georgetown in PEI

Went to a charming small inn in Georgetown for breakfast….Georgetown is a pretty little village near Montague.  They are working hard to attract newcomers ….some business entrepreneurs have moved in and in the evenings the place is packed due to the local playhouse that has nightly entertainment!  If you were on my cycling tour in 2001 , you may remember biking to Georgetown…we watched a tug being built. The ship building is now closed and so is the sawmill but the village is doing just fine. We will bike there on my 2018 cycling tour!

Georgetown Inn

Clamdiggers for dinner

The Maroon Pig…Bakery and Art Gallery!

You too can have one of these for your front lawn

Love this home

The beach in Georgetown

Clamdiggers deck in the early evening

Fun evening at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown

The end of the day