Our 2015 Cycling Season is Almost Here

In less than a month our 2015 cycling season will begin…..are you ready to ride?

Check out your bike….Take a look at your tires – any bald spots or excessive wear?  Check that your spare inner tube is in good condition (look for cracks and wear).  Is your seat tight (bike seat that is)?  Check the handlebars, brakes, shifters ……clean and lube your chain.  

Next check out your helmet…..is it in good condition? If not then replace it this season – you are worth it. 

Hope to see you out this season…..the April calendar and the 2015 Cyclopath Cycling Club info is now on this blog…..click on the Cycling tab at the top of the page!

Your Fearless Leader…..Bev 

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect