The 2017 Cycling Season Has Come to an End

Hard to believe our 2017 cycling season is over …we had great rides, lots of new members and  old ones too, laughs, good times and can’t wait for 2018 !  

Here are a few memories of our season….thanks to those who shared a few photos! 

Our first ride of the season

A summer’s day

Picnic at Ameilasburg Museum after a lovely ride

My kind of biking…..

Just a few Bobs

On Le P’Tit Train du Nord

In Sandbanks Park

Start of the season….warmer clothes a must

Burgundy France

Bob does the Alps! Biking isn’t the only thing we do!

Countryside views

Checking out the wildlife

Am I lost?

Floyd….new member!

Berry Boy in Dijon….you have to ask Judy about this!

Happy Hour at Auberge Le Vieux Foyer

Penny loves Sandbanks Park

First ride of 2017

Three lovely women in France

Bob and Mary….

Poppies in France

Great new spot in Corbyville

Jack and Bonnie on the last ride

Parson’s Rocks

Patio Time

Some rides include a portage

Even dogs love the Cyclopaths

Dynamic Dave

Nice new path in Wellington

Come From Aways….in the Laurentians

Early in the season on a quiet county road

Beer….the best reward!

Anyone up to cycling on a fat bike? David’s new toy for the winter!

Lunch at Lake on the Mountain

Fun in Pelee

Janice and Steve…two of our CFA’s

At the shore of Lake Erie

One of my better maps!

Guess who?

Love the colours

At Oxley Winery in Harrow celebrating Marion and Steve’s birthdays!

Lovely view

Good friends

He’s got the whole world….in his hands!

Praying for good weather


Are we having fun yet?  Our 2017 cycling season was great!