Last Look at Newfoundland


The Governor’s Staircase at Blow Me Down Park

Jack meets up with a school chum from med school

Careful guys! Ian and David at the top of the world at Bottle Cove. Photo by Jack H

Oh my…what a kiss!

Rocky Shores

Greg and Brie….Greg is a fantastic musician who just happens to be our driver too

Dinner at Mallard Cottage

The Crow’s Nest

Great Harbour Cruise with Iceberg Quest

Shooting the breeze

Capelin drying

A grey foggy day

Lobster …..Canvas Cove Bistro style

A gate into the past in Trinity

Bob….come on out!

Rocky Harbour

In Bonne Bay

That darling Ugly Stick


Entrance to the Crow’s Nest

Cute shop in Trinity….lovely jewelry

Sunset over Rocky Harbour

Great dinner at the Tea Garden

The dock at the entrance to the Western Brook Fjord