Newfoundland…I’m Back Home but the Rock is Still on my Mind

The arse is right out of her.
Photo by Christine M

Newfoundland will always be in my heart and mind… are some more photos from our 2017 summer tour.  

Priscilla , former mayor of Corner Brook, proudly wears the name!  Photo by Jack H

I have been an Honourary Newfoundlander for years now but I always say the pledge when Ed Power screeches in the others.  Photo by Jack H

Oh how I love being on a boat in Newfoundland! Photo by Judi K

David has a refreshing iceberg beer….love that blue bottle! Photo by Jack H


Lemon meringue at the Skippers Cafe in Bonavista ….yum! Photo by Brian M

Not for the faint heated..the Governor’s Staircase at Blow Me Down Park
Photo by Judi K

David likes to live on the edge….Twillingate. Photo by Judi K

On the boat in Bonne Bay.
Photo by Jack H